Tellington TTouch Training™

Join Robyn in Bitterroot, WY for the 25th Annual Tellington TTouch Training with Horses

Bitterroot training groupJune 16-21, 2014 at Bitterroot Guest Ranch near Dubois, Wyoming

Unlike previous trainings at Bitterroot, this one will be working with mature horses, and will include riding!

Whether you're brand new to the Tellington TTouch Method or you've been to a dozen trainings, a workshop with Robyn will boost the confidence, technique, and effectiveness you'll have with any animal you work with. Robyn offers a full faceted learning experience that will take your skills to the next level, no matter what level that may be. Drawing from Connected Riding®, Robyn brings many human bio-mechanics exercises to workshops to help handlers be responsible for their own imbalances and understand how to use their body and balance effectively and functionally. This blend of modalities means that Robyn has a huge tool box to draw from and is never shy to adjust or tweak an existing exercise to make it more effective.

Robyn Hood (Instructor, Editor of TTEAM Connnections Newsletter and Linda Tellington Jones' sister) will lead the group through the foundations of the Method and introduce specific exercises designed to help with a variety of common issues such as; spooking, cinchiness, high-headed posture, resistance to de-worming, trailering, rushing, to name a few. In addition to the observation, bodywork, and groundwork exercises, there is the option to learn the Tellington TTouch riding tools with the "Joy of Riding". The riding portion of the week will be co-taught by Robyn's daughter, Mandy Pretty, who is a certified practitioner of both the Tellington TTouch Method and Connected Riding.

Bitterroot training groupThis year Robyn returns to teach a new format at the ranch. In past years, participants have descended upon the spectacular Wyoming ranch to help start their four-year old Arabians under saddle using the Tellington TTouch Method. Because only one foal was born at the ranch in 2010, this year's clinic format will be geared towards bodywork, groundwork and riding exercises to help and improve trained horses.

The ranch is home to more than a hundred well trained, friendly horses of varying breeds. Such a wide variety means that typically there are among them as many patient teachers as there are those with interesting issues to address. In addition to the amazing learning opportunities the Bitterroot Ranch offers a unique and unforgettable clinic experience. Unlike most trainings, all participants eat in the lodge, stay in cozy, rustic cabins and learn with wonderful participants at the ranch.

Nestled at the base of the stunning Absaroka Mountains surrounded by thousands of acres of public land, the ranch allows you to really get away from it all.

"Once in a lifetime", "Perfect", "Life-changing", "Best. Time. Ever!"; these are just a few of the responses you might hear when you ask someone how they enjoyed their Tellington TTouch clinic experience at the Bitterroot Ranch.

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